How To Grow Hair Naturally: Making It Possible

You don’t need to rely too much on artificial methods to get your hair back because you can definitely grow your hair naturally. Unfortunately, synthetic methods can lead to harmful side effects. Also, let’s be real, in most cases, they are costly. You do not want to take the risk by exposing yourself to these. That’s why you should try natural remedies for hair growth.

Why take the risky method when you can learn how to bring back your hair naturally. You have to follow simple guidelines, and you can be sure that your hair will grow the natural way.

How To Grow Hair Naturally

Control stress

First of all, stress can cause a lot of trouble. It causes the body to be in a condition when its defenses are compromised. Not people are aware of the fact that stress can also affect their hair. If you are under constant stress, you will likely start to develop hair loss and thinning hair. Yes, humans shed hair every day due to the natural hair cycle process. However, if you notice you lose more hair than usual, take action, and control it as long as you can. Studies found that excessive hair loss can be caused by too much stress.

You can try grow hair naturally by reducing your stress properly through different methods like relaxation and meditation, says Women’s Concepts. You should also make sure you eat well and practice sport. What’s cool is that exercise can also be an effective means for your relaxation. Besides, you have to get the right amount of sleep every night. This may as well reduce the stress level. All these can make your hair grow healthier!

Brushing Regularly

It may sound weird, but brushing regularly can actually help you regrow your hair naturally. Brushing your hair several times a time, not just will make your hair look better but will also stimulate your scalp. That means brushing increases the blood circulation in your scalp, which allows more nutrients to reach your hair. The outcome is that your hair will become stronger and healthier. “Brushing your hair gently is like a mini massage that stimulates your scalp, which encourages blood flow and hair growth,” explains Healthline.  

Ensuring Proper Diet

As stated previously, a proper diet is necessary if you want your hair to grow at a normal rate and prevent hair loss. Food affects almost every aspect of the body. That is why you should make sure that what you eat is good for your body. Proper nutrition is considered one of the best ways to prevent most issues, including hair loss. Different vitamins and minerals you can take from foods can nourish your hair and stimulate it to grow. You may also want to increase the protein in your diet to support your hair content’s need. You may not be aware, but the hair is actually made up of a lot of proteins known as keratin.

Proper Intake of Vitamin B

The intake of vitamin B is important for normal hair growth. One type of vitamin B, known as Biotin, is even described as the “hair vitamin” because it has many good effects. Niacin or Vitamin B3 is used to promote blood supply to the scalp. Thus it stimulates the growth of hair very well. 

Proper Intake of Vitamin C

Another essential vitamin you should consider if you want to grow your hair naturally is vitamin C. The intake of vitamin C, known as ascorbic acid, supports the formation of healthy hair. Citrus fruits are very rich in vitamin C together with other vegetables. Like any other vitamin, they also exist in supplement form.

Drinking Enough Fluids

Another natural way to grow hair includes drinking enough water. The hair shaft or the body of the hair is greatly made up of water. That is why you have to keep the hair moisturized with water to promote its healthy growth. You have to drink at least six to about ten glasses of water so that you can nourish your hair well and give it its natural glow.


These are just some of the important reminders that you have to know about how to grow your hair naturally. Gone are the days when you have to totally depend on commercial chemical hair products to grow your hair. Now you can do it totally naturally.